See What One Glass Of Water With Lemon Can Do. (A MUST READ)


Only one glass of water and lemon juice can be very useful for our health.


Homehealthyrecipes show us the ten best facts collided with the water and the lemon.


It strengthens the immunity

Half drained lemon in a glass of water a day has enough amount of vitamin C to fight against the colds and the flu. Michele Cheveli, a nutritionist emphasizes that the lemon improves the ability of the body to absorb iron in which is important for a healthy immune system.

It improves food digestion

The lemon juice is a similar structure of the food digestion in the stomach, and it also has a positive influence on the digestive track. The lemon juice helps in cleaning the intestines and also helps in problems with bloating.


For beautiful skin

“The lemon is great for fighting against skin aging”, says Michele. Antioxidant properties help in fighting against the free radicals that are responsible for the aging simptoms.


It reduces the appetite

The lemon contains pectin, soluble fiber that are usually found in citrus fruit.

Thanks to the pectin, you will feel stuffed for a long time, you’ll have smaller desire for junk food in the moment when you will feel hunger because you will last till lunch or dinner.

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