Sleeping with dog in the movie was Only Staged – Actress Tina Amuziam Reveals.


Nollywood actress Tina Amuziam is a famous face in Nollywood. She spoke out in a new interview on the time she had to film a scene where she slept with a dog in Glamour Girls 2 – The actress said the scene was staged.
Tina Amuziam is a popular Nollywood actress who came into the limelight in 1987 on the series Telefest which as shown on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).
She spoke to The Telegraph about her role as an Italian prostitute in Glamour Girls 2. One of the scenes involves sleeping with a dog and the actress reveals it was staged.
She said:


“The movies like Glamour Girls, where I acted Jessica; it was not an easy one, especially where I was meant to sleep with a dog. So I have had some quite a number of challenging roles. They went down well with me, because personally I prefer to play challenging roles.

I didn’t have to sleep with the dog because every producer who has worked with me knows that. If I take up a script and I come across a role I feel that I cannot do, I will discuss with the producer to play it down with me.

Tina Amuziam 2 “That was what I did with Kenneth Nebue, the owner of Glamour Girls, NEK Video Links , then. When I saw that I was going to be on the bed with a dog, I had to dialogue with him to play it down, which he did.

I didn’t have to go near the dog, they were taking it differently.” “He was an understanding producer, because some of them will say that is the way I want my story or that is the way I want the picture and if you say that what I will do is leave the set.

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“When I came in at first, I saw the dog on the bed twisting its tongue, I was like God (laughter), I was like what the hell (laughter) and my mentor, my uncle Christian Chika, who was the director, laughed and laughed.”

“He asked what is that and I said no, I won’t go near that dog. Of course, I had discussed it with Nebue and he laughed, he agreed with me that we will take the dog separately and you separately.”

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